Wednesday, 10 August 2016

ARC Review of Blood To Dust by L.J Shen

Blood to DustBlood to Dust by L.J. Shen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC Recieved in exchange for review!

Alright! It's time.

Well, this was overall a very very good book. Yeah I will admit my review wasn't going to be like this but I don't know along the way some good stuff came up...and.. Well..

Anyway, the story is about Prescott when she is kidnapped and kept hostage by a man,awaiting her looming death by a dangerous kingpin.. And that man,ofcourse,is to be her soulmate!

Nate's character was good. I liked him.
Though he could really stop with the nick names! Baby Cakes? Really?

Prescott's character was strong, smart, determined, really super strong. She was a survivor! Her struggles and her pain were too much and I am GLAD she rose above it. She was a super badass and hey who doesn't love a badass female?

Together, these two were dynamic.
I loved the whole dramatic and action movie sorta theme. It was good.

One teensy problem I had:
The author basically told the story from only TWO POVs: Nate and Prescott
But what she did was,she named all her chapters with different characters and at first I thought oh it's gonna be from multiple POV.. But it was NOT.. It was just Prescott introducing all the douche bags! ONLY ONE THING EXTREMELY IRKING. So half the time I was super confused and well.. A bit..pissed.
I dig an author trying new dramatic styles but hey atleast please make it understandable.

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