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ARC Review of El Diablo (The Devil#1) by M.Robinson

El Diablo (The Devil, #1)El Diablo by M. Robinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This might come off as really dramatic but..

This baby was gonna be rated a 6 FRICKING STARS!

This one was an absolute amazing piece of some serious mafia stuff..

I absolutely loved this story,it was so long and thorough and oh God,it's easily one of the most painful things I have read..

But,despite all that,it is with a very very heart that I have to rate this book a 3/3 .5 Stars..because..

That ending and that mystery discovery ABSOLUTELY RUINED EVERYTHING FOR ME. It was so darn disturbing and I love the author but I am so sad that she gave it an end like was wrong and disturbing in so many ways.

Maybe some might not feel that way but that thing seriously bothered me and after that my heart couldn't be in the story..

Now,to the
good stuff
..Emitting all the wrong and disturbing things..

This was an absolute gem..
Seriously,M.Robinson completely wowed me with this true masterpiece (EXCEPT FOR THAT ENDING UGHH WHY)

El Diablo translated The Devil was some serious hot hunk of a man with a very dark, twisted and painful past.
There were events and occurrences that made him the way he turned out to be.


But the absolute beauty of this book was the transformation of the character which literally broke my heart..
How he was, such a pure and good soil and how he ended up as a dark, evil and feared person..El Diablo.

This book was a complete package of drama,pain,betrayal,lies,trust and fate.

The line that broke my heart the most.. Literally crushed it into pieces was

I’d already done my share of partying.
I was too old for this fucking shit.

This line,this one line truly explains all of his life and his pain and his long journey towards salvation.

But, God, I wanna rip my hair out on Completely ruined everything.

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