Wednesday, 10 August 2016

ARC Review of Pennies(Dollar#1) by Pepper Winters

Pennies (Dollar, #1)Pennies by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book..
Its unlike ANYTHING I ever came across.

It was without a doubt the
most dark, intense, painful read.

It was also one of the BESTEST because OHMYGOD can PW write a dark and intense book.

First, that cover did me in..
That blurb..
I was so restless, I wanted to wait till the entire series came out so I don't have to face the waiting pain but an ARC opportunity presented itself and what sane, breathing reader in their right mind would ignore an ARC from PEPPER FRICKING WINTERS?


So, the story is of Tasmin and her painful and the brutalest possible journey to Pimlico or Pim..

Its a story of absolute pain and misery so you have been warned!
Its a story that will hurt you where it hurts the most.

Then comes Elder Prest by some twist of fate and then.. They connect.

I absolutely LOVED how the story was formed,the flow and how both characters have their own hell to talk about.

It was sad.. The way she was and then the way she became.. It always always hurts to read books where transformations happen...
She was taken as a slave and oh my God the stuff that happens after that was unlike anything I have ever read.

I cried buckets..
I cried the ugly cry!

But the ending made me wanna simply rip my heart out and then the last lines were oh so satisfying.. I don't know why but they were!

Read with the Shhluts as (F) Buddy-read

Thank you so much Pepper Winters for the ARC.
Thank you SueBee for the chance xx

ARC received by Pepper Winters in exchange for an honest review!

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