Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Review of Final Debt(Indebted#6) by Pepper Winters

Final Debt (Indebted, #6)Final Debt by Pepper Winters


These series..
I tried to delay.. But..
I am basically in tears..

All the bloodshed.
The pain.
The suffering..

And finally. .

It's all over.

I was so sad to start this last book because my journey with this intense legend was without a doubt the best!

Pepper Winters is officially my queen.

There is no one that can compare to her.

The way she writes.
The intensity.
The madness..

This story concludes Jethro and Nila's journey that started out brutal and dark but ended up being pure and honest!

I have never felt so deeply for any fictional characters..maybe very rarely for some.. As if they were real. But Jethro and Nila always be my loves.
This story was one crazy ride.

I enjoyed every second even though this one was brutal because of the loss..

But thank God there is an epilogue to look forward too..

But honestly.. The loss was too much..
I am so deeply sad for.. for... Well for him.
He was the best..
I just wish he didn't go through what he had to..

All the glimpses into Jethro's childhood...And Jaz's pain..

Simply simply so frigging sad and brutal.

But PW's mind..Hats off!

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