Thursday, 11 August 2016

Review of Grayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan

Grayson's VowGrayson's Vow by Mia Sheridan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dragon and a Witch ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

So, I ask myself why have I been avoiding a Mia Sheridan book and then I got the answer that yes that woman is one amazing author. Yes she writes 5 stars worthy books..but the last time I read her, I ended up depressed, sad, teary and so much more.
Mia Sheridan has ANOTHER level of writing books that have the ability to literally tear you apart!

So,this is what happened. I avoided this book,a book that has the theme which is my ADDICTION!

This book will hit you where it hurts THE MOST. AND HIT. AND HIT. AND WILL KEEP ON HITTING ..

So, the pros and cons of giving this book a chance :


•You will die with pain for it will hurt you to no end.
•You will cry fat ugly tears.
• Your emotions will be wrecked.
• You will be sleep deprived.
• Your heart will feel heavy af and so damn sad.

Now, then..


• You will smile.
• You will laugh.
• You will love every word for it's written soulfully.
• You will enjoy the humor.
• You will enjoy the love shown.
• You will have hope.
• You will believe in a silver lining.
• You will believe how God has a plan for everyone.
•You will believe in fate and destiny .
• You will love the characters.
• You will cry and fall in love with the side characters. •You will see how family isn't always blood.
Sometimes strangers become your most beloved family .

And that people, is Mia Sheridan and her writing in a nutshell.
Thankfully it was a HEA or I would have died. Died. Died. Died.

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