Thursday, 25 August 2016

Review of Shattered Vows(Denton Family Legacy #2) by Sam Crescent

Shattered Vows (The Denton Family Legacy Book 2)Shattered Vows by Sam Crescent

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I like Sam Crescent.. She is like another Alexa Riley to me..

So when I saw that she wrote a book based on one of my favorite themes, I couldn't resist ..

I need to have it!

I can say, that I absolutely loved the Denton family..

They have this curse/legacy going on that when they see the woman that is meant to be their soulmate for life, they will feel it in their entire being.. I mean literally..meaning..

He looked up.
And fell in love.

That's it..
Plain and simple!

But the tough part was that the female didn't quite feel the same way so they had to work to make them understand it make then fall for them..

This pretty much matches the werewolf mate thing where they just KNOW their mates.

So this happens with Abel when he sees Harper and he just ZINNNGGG...he knows.. And that exact moment Harper is chatting up with Abel's brother Damian and obviously Abel can't have that! So he goes up to Damian and warns him off and goes to her and pretty much grabs her arse and then gets kneed..

And that is ladies, how their story begins!

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