Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Review of Third Debt(Indebted#4) by Pepper Winters

Third Debt (Indebted, #4)Third Debt by Pepper Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What...what just happened..I need to breathe..

No,this can't be..

The story moves on to the payment of Third Debtwhich turns out to be the brutalest of them all.
For it was a torture for mind,body,soul,emotions,feelings and one's humanity!

The book started heartachingly with Jethro not being Jethro..a completely changed,cold monster and Nila more depressed and in pain than she has ever been.
Things were upside down.

I couldnt keep up with the rollercoaster and times I wanted to tear my hair OUT!

But after 80% ,the story became more painful.

We learn about Jethro..
We learn what makes Jethro..Jethro.
And that was painful.

"I’d never been so weightless and free. It was a damn novelty to let down my bomb-battered walls and truly give myself over to her. I didn’t tense or hide in ice—I permitted myself to feel everything she did. To sense how much she wanted to save me. How much she wanted to keep me. How much she needed to understand me."

And after Jethro's confessions,there was a point of absolute,painful bliss..

She is my salvation, my reason for existence, my queen.

And then..
Everything fell apart..

"I should’ve known a man like me would never be worthy of such a gift. I should’ve known that death was around the corner. I should’ve seen the devil rubbing his hands together, waiting."

God,Pepper Winters is killing me with this book.
This is truly the most intense thing EVER!

"You want me to end your misery. If I do, can you end mine?”

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