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Review of Up In Flames(Rosemary Beach#13) by Abbi Glines

Up in Flames (Rosemary Beach, #13)Up in Flames by Abbi Glines

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

You know the feeling when you have waited and wished for a story that you knew would be a masterpiece and the moment it lands on your lap and you experience it and realize it was not worth it?

Nope, didn't happen here.


I got the book early afternoon and just now finished it and wanted to read as slow and possible because I have waited so long. And because I wasnt interested in anyone else's story except Nan after Rush and Blaire!!


"My heart had been crushed, and with it my dreams. I was officially broken. Every past sin I’d committed, every hurtful word I’d spoken, every cruel action I had taken were coming back around. This was my payback. "

I KNEW it would be insane and intense and painful because come on she is one strong, evil, beautiful villain.
Well in all honesty, I never hated her. She was always alone and all she had was Rush and mostly I felt pity for her. That's why I wanted her story.
I knew there would be major reasons where her personality and attitude was concerned. ..

Also the story was so unexpected because they moment I dove in and read a bit about Major I was so disappointed . I am so so so FRICKING glad and RELIEVED that it turned out like I was crazy praying it would!

I hated Major with everything in me. Literally. Worst character ever.
Never once could I find a little bit of anything for him.
Annoying. Self-centered. Self-obsessed .

Gannon a.k.a Cope was so FRICKING killer.
That man bun YYAAASS!!

He was perfect in every way. Perfect for Nan and simply perfect.
And oh My God the steamy parts were.. *fanning myself*

That last chapter was the sweetest thing ever!

And so, it has happened. Nan,the most hated and evil villain of Rosemary Beach series has found her happy ending with a man.. And oh what a mannnn..better than all of the other heroes..well him and Rush on the same rank I guess!

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