Monday, 19 September 2016

ARC Review of Darkest Before Dawn by Stevie J.Cole

Darkest Before DawnDarkest Before Dawn by Stevie J. Cole

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

ARC received by Author in exchange for honest review!

Okay,so. Yep,two stars!
This wasn't exactly a 'bad' or 'terrible' book because no book is..all authors pour their hearts out on their writings..

Okay,maybe a few are!

Anyway,this one was so

..just.. not it for me. I feel terrible rating it so low but the story was almost exactly like a book I have recently read and this one made no sense.
The whole making a person fall in love with their captor thing isn't easy,folks. You have to have some serious storry building. Plus all authors keep adding the same story..

Besides,the heroine was terrible. I mean who the eff posts everything they do.

That is just plain stupid.
Heroine was absolutely CRAP.

The hero,well,yes there was some level of strong story and a seriously traumatized past so that part was original.

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