Sunday, 25 December 2016

Review of Bad Husband by Shey Stahl

Bad HusbandBad Husband by Shey Stahl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5++++++ Wolverine and Chernobyl Stars!


Where has this author been all this time? For that matter,where have I been all this time?

I absolutely LOVED this book!

It was such a fun thing to read,I mean I couldn't stop once I started!
It was so enjoyable!!

Ridge Fricking Cooper!!


I admit I wanted to murder the heroine in a number of ways but by the time the last chapter rolled around..I sort of fell in love with her too!

When I started the book and when Ridge was handed the divorce papers one fine morning,I had this weird feeling that maybe..just MAYBE the papers were (view spoiler)

And I thought..nah..

But I was right!
Look at that! Hah!

I absolutely love and highly praise the way the author wrote this one..there was such a flow and such a rhythm to everything through his POV! Even in Ridge's hardest and saddest moments,there was still humor! And quality humor,I might add!

I was hating the heroine for what she was making him go through!

And Noah and Callan!!!! GAHHHH<3 br="">
I have a feeling I just may be reading more from this author because this one was a total winner!

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