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ARC Review of Amnesia by Kylie Hillman

AmnesiaAmnesia by Kylie Hillman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am going through a number of reactions to this book..

But the one that tops the rest is sadness..

This was anything like I have ever read.

It reminded me of a short film I once watched,which was fantastic but I don't remember the name...
And of Nicole Kidman's movie Before I Go To Sleep.

My heart truly rooted for Amber..and I expected this book to have a resolved ending but..the ending was brutal and fantastic..and sad.

The supposed to be hero,Jax, is,well,insanely obsessed with the heroine,Amber, and the heroine's family is a another case of weird animals who want her to marry Jax to keep the family legacy and their lust for wealth going.. That whole thing was ten shades of messed up!

That really made me sad and angry..yes alot of sads today

I am sad about Xander and Seb.

This was my first book my K.H and it was somewhat impressive.

Now onto the douchebag that I can't make up my mind about..

The sexy (the book says,not me) and crazy Jax Ray..

He was, from the outside...

And from the inside..

He was truly scary. I have read like hundreds of books with mad heroes that were much much finer than Jax Ray..but..they somehow got reformed..this mofo is scary af!

Jax was a talented stalker, a preeminent researcher, and an assiduous huntsman

Amber...oh head and heart still hurt. She was fantastically brave and I was just on the edge all the time..
What truly ripped me apart was how,in that specific scene,she just accepts it all..uff that was so so brutal..

Unfortunately, there was only one object that had ever kept his attention. Me.

But that epilogue's last lines gave me hope.. that was a nice touch,btw!

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