Sunday, 19 February 2017

ARC Review Of Body Of Crime (Blackest Gold#2) by R.Scarlett (Reposted)

Body of The Crime (Blackest Gold, #2)Body of The Crime by R. Scarlett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay then..

I need a moment to breathe after that ending because..WHY WHY??

Okay,I think I am good!

You do know what makes reading a book much more fun and absorbing,right?

Its when the author KNOWS what they are talking about..

And in this case? I'd say she knew it pretty dang well!

Body Of Crime was absolutely fantastic and I THANKED GOD that Tensley and Molly finally entered THAT phase!

“Do you want me, Molly? All of me, man and beast?”

The book was absolutely thorough because the paranormal subject the author chose has so much that it can't really be just written in a few sentences..

Sometimes we can’t help how we feel; sometimes we’re cursed to be drawn to the wrong people.

Also I am pretty sad that it wasn't supposed to be a duet and I gotta wait bit too much now..

Anyway,we go deeper into the aftermath of Molly and Tensley fighting their attraction for each other...

And ughh that ending..I am so dang impatir now..

In all honesty,I didn't expect this book to effect me so much!

ARC received in exchange for honest review

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