Friday, 24 February 2017

ARC Review of Don't Hold Back (Love Hurts#4) by Missy Johnson

Don't Hold Back (Love Hurts #4)Don't Hold Back by Missy Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I am...

I am completely out of words because my heart feels like it's breaking into a million pieces.

Such a fantastically beautiful story..

I am so so thankful I took up the ARC when the author offered.

This is a story of life,reality,love and all the raw emotions that make us what we are. This is the story of fate and circumstances and how we get what we never in a million years thought about getting...

This story is truly just...splendid.
I should be angry but God...this was the only way this story could be written.. I loved loved her. I absolutely loved how strong her character is. She accepts it all yet she still lives her life,albeit sadly,jokes and laughs and wants to experience...

And Cade..well..this is one of those rare stories where the heroine was more lovable and memorable than the hero..sure he was a great guy.

The ending was just...heart rippingly perfect.

I know this is just rant but trust me words aren't enough to express the beauty of this book in words..its the topic and story that touches everyone and it's very very close to heart for some.

Absolute 5 STARS!

ARC received in exchange for honest review!

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