Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Review Of Like A Memory by Abbi Glines

Like a MemoryLike a Memory by Abbi Glines
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I was so ready to have a 6 stars review..but..

It's just that...


I waited so fricking long and I was so excited..

Rush is my top love and Blaire too and then was a colossal disappointment..or maybe I expected too much..I just went in for the love of Rush ...

First off,what I couldn't understand was Nate's extreme bleak perception of love and life..I mean..HELLO!! You were the product of one of the strongest and bestest love never had to face what your parents did during their young age or their childhood! You were constantly loved and around perfection..the heck you whining about..

Nate was absolute NOT favorite..And to think how I loved him when he was born..

Baby Nate all the way!

Bliss..Well..I really liked her. Now THAT side was a different story ENTIRELY! She was really loveable..I instantly liked her character..

But the story...ahh..God..I feel like crying..feel like being robbed off of a very very powerful story..

I am just so...

Literally..what happened to a nutshell..was..

And then add in Octavia..TOTALLY UNNECESSARY!

And that girl didn't deserve SUCH A FATE!

AG always always adds one characters like that and makes everyone hate them when they are NOT!

She did the same with Nan..made that poor girl extraordinary hate-able but well..I never hated her!

Anyway..I just...

Rush and Blaire will always be my saving grace for me was Rush's appearance FINALLY!!!

This was supposed to be a 6 stars worthy,I was so sure...

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