Sunday, 26 February 2017

Review Of The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher

The Silent Wife The Silent Wife by Kerry Fisher
My rating: 3 of 5 stars


*deep breath*


This was really really good. Engaging with all the drama and stuff.

This story is about two families. Two brothers and their families.

While reading this book,I was reminded alot of Rebecca with the whole the man loses his wife and then marries another woman who is left to fill the void..but it's so hard because the first wife couldn't be compared to.
But in this story,add in the fact that the poor second wife,Maggie,also had to deal with the kids!
I loved her character. She was truly working hard and trying to have the kids accept her but well you ain't easy.

Then comes the fact that...The deceased wife might not be as perfect as she was told to be.

And the other asshole brother and his poor wife is another story but well they are all connected.

And it's interesting. Typical,though.

Now,the stories like these,they tend to get boring but the few short scenes here and there grip your interest. Same happened here.

There were alot of characters and it was a jumble but the story was decent enough.

Everytime I read a book like this..they all revolve around,one way or another,Rebecca,Gone Girl or Girl On The Train ...I mean..why?

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