Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Review Of Fear Me by B.B.Reid

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


ME,basically,throughout this book!

But I am giving it 4 stars so that pretty much makes me love it..hate it..love it!
The entire story was such a push and pull and such a roller coaster..


Can I just say..


I might be sick because I LOVED HIM! Yes he tormented her,yes he was an AH throughout. Yes,he has major major issues to work through and he totally was wrong to treat Lake in such a scary,demeaning and condescending way..but hah I knew he was gonna fall and fall HAAAAAARDDDDD!!!!!!!

And all the drama..oh so much drama and conflict and well..girl drama

At some points I actually wanted to go inside the book and smack Lake and SPECIALLY Willow over the head a few the times!! PUH-LEEEEEEEZZZZZZ!

Yeah..that was a bit too much because umm ..I don't know..felt too much much..

Anyway..I have been thinking about reading this one for sometime now because..the storyline? Duh,my favorite!

I am so excited ti dig in more and then get to Dash's story!

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