Friday, 28 April 2017

ARC Review of Hundreds (Dollars#3) by Pepper Winters!

Hundreds (Dollar, #3)Hundreds by Pepper Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


This nearly drove me bananas!
This time it is completely unexpected and it hits you where it is likely to hurt the MOST!

I mean OH MY EFFING GOODNESS !! I am still reeling. That ending,that turmoil, that PAIN AHHH!! I am so much in love with Pim and Elder! More than ever . Now she has left me hanging but the truth is that PW is the ONLY author,who, if ever, even wrote 10 books in one series,I'd still go for it! Like right now, I am in immense pain but gotta hold on!

Finally ladies! It's all out in the open. This time it's all dedicated to the mysterious yet fantastic Elder Prest!

And trust me, if you made any guesses or thought that maybe you got him all figured out... Well let me just tell you, he ain't no ordinary hero! He's a Pepper Winters hero multipled some!

Oh the tragedies and pains he suffered and how he became what he is. How that crazy mind of his works !

Yet, again, Pepper Winters brought me to my knees with all the raw emotions that were too brutal to contain. And I loved every harsh and miserable second of it.

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