Thursday, 6 July 2017

ARC Review of Saving Grace by Victoria Paige

Saving Grace  (Misty Grove #2)Saving Grace by Victoria PaigeSaving Grace by Victoria Paige
Saving Grace by Victoria Paige

Saving Grace by Victoria Paige
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Victoria Paige is most definitely one of my go to authors when I am in need of a serious alpha hero in a story! And some suspense too!

This was no different. Usually I never step into the stories where there is even a slight chance of "three" people but the author assured me that was not the case.

Grace wakes up with amnesia and after that one after the other events unfold that confuse and scare her more than ever. Since she has zero recollection of what or how she was. She is left at the mercy of Matt and Troy who both think they could be the baby daddy!

I enjoyed it because it was clear who was gonna be the main guy. I really disliked Matt being a major douche but it was clear he had it bad for Grace.

The story is really good with constant ups and downs and drama unfolding after every page.

Oh and did I mention that a crazy psycho cartel killer is kinda sorta obsessed with Grace?


Thank you so much,VP for providing the copy

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