Thursday, 25 January 2018

ARC Review Of Irish Kiss by Sienna Blake

Irish Kiss Irish Kiss by Sienna Blake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you’re prepared to set aside your verdict until the final word is written…

Here's our story



5++ STARS!!

The story the drama the easy going love and all that pain in it.

Soirse comes from a family that consists of a whore mother and deadbeat criminal father and she get's assigned to our beloved hero who happens to be a JLO!

And then comes selkie and skin and ahhhh.. Apple pies

Since he is an adult and she's basically a kid, he takes care of her and she..well she starts that hero worship and falls in love.

While I don't like hero and heroines having their own baggage of exes or anything, this time I was okay when the hero already had a girlfriend and who's story was ABSOLUTELY PREDICTABLE!

okay okay I don't wanna give away the entire story.
Some of the scenes were so fkn adorable and I just lovvvved it.

“So, you and me…” I said, “we’re soul family?” He smiled. “Yeah. We are.”

I am SO SO glad to finally have a quality read!

ARC recieved in exchange for review

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