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  1. Hey Harim!

    I'm Sam Mariano, and I have a mafia romance series with a new release coming up May 22. The newest book is called Once Burned (Morelli Family, #3) but they're not really standalones (they are each focused on a different couple, but the whole family matters and play important roles in each book), so I wanted to see if you might be interested in a review copy of book one, Accidental Witness, and then if you enjoy the series, of course I'll send along books two and three. 😁

    The book is around 70k words. This story is a bit atypical and definitely has a trigger warning, so readers who don't like any dark themes in their books wouldn't be well-suited to this series. It's not wholly dark, but as the story progresses things do get twisted, lol.

    If you have any further questions, feel free to ask.
    Thanks so much for your consideration! :)

    Vince Morelli.

    The closest I ever wanted to get to him was several rows away in English class. We’d never spoken, but of course I heard the stories about his family. I know they’re dangerous. I know he’s dangerous. Vince never had a reason to notice me, anyway—until I inadvertently witnessed his first mob hit.

    His family doesn’t believe in leaving witnesses alive, but Vince seems different. He knows the best thing he can do for me is stay away, but something keeps drawing us together. Despite knowing the risks of getting mixed up with him, I can’t resist. Only problem is, Vince is a package deal—you don’t get him without getting swept up in his family’s dark games.

    Now entangled with a notorious Chicago crime family, will my life ever be mine again?


    Sam Mariano

    1. I would be honored to be of help! Yes,I would LOVE to have a copy!
      Please email me at

      Thank you!

  2. NetGalley review request for Animal Graph, invites you to this link:

    Check me out here:


    Set in the Amazonian jungles of South America, M.Black weaves an action-packed tale in this original YA Amazonian Eco-Fic Dystopia set forty-two years after a nuclear war. Jin—a prisoner of King Borran—and Adan—another Graphed—have to fight for their survival in a utopia gone wrong. In a world where animal cells and neural tissue have been grafted into humans, and humans are connected by brain waves to chosen animals from the Amazon, will Jin and Adan survive? Will they ever find their Animal Graph counterparts? Can the Earth find harmony with humanity and the animals or will those wanting to destroy it all win?

    Socially relevant, dark and sexy, with themes that hang on environmental concerns and animal welfare…ENTER TOMORROW with ANIMAL GRAPH. A novel along the lines of Hunger Games meets X-Men. If you’re a fan of The Treemakers, The Sowing, Simulation, Age of Order, A Brave New World or A Canticle for Leibowitz, you may also enjoy this novel.

  3. I'd love to send you an Arc for review! The literary novel, set in sonoma, just got it's first "professional" review - five stars! Goes live on Amazon May 17. The Vines We PLanted. Reaad more about it here: Thanks - your writing on here is impressive. My book is not an indie exactly, but being done by a small press (Wido). Thanks!

  4. Hello,

    Hope you are doing good. I am writing to you today, looking for an honest review of my suspense, thriller, sci-fi story-book "Time Crawlers", published via Kindle Direct Publishing. The book is 118 pages long.

    Alien Invasion, Dark Artificial-Intelligence, Time-Travel, High-Tech Hindu Mythology, Djinn Folklore, Telekinetics, and life-consuming cosmic entities are some major themes in my book. I have woven these themes into six tightly-knit, fast-paced Sci-Fi stories.

    If you wish to review the book, please let me know which of these formats, PDF / MOBI / EPUB, would you like to read?

    Crossed 250 reviews on Goodreads:

    Amazon link here:

    Very Respectfully,

    Varun Sayal

  5. Hi My name is Patricia coombes

    I published my Australian autobiography crime / Mystery in 2015. I would love you to read it and review it. Last week it won a Book Excellence Award in category "Addiction and Recovery".

    My book is available from many online Book stores around the world. I've been given great reviews on my social media page and from friends who have read it. Please let me know what a professional blogger like yourself thinks about it

    Click here for a free ebook

    Kind regards

    Nascosta Incristo aka

    Patricia Coombes